TheraCoat Ltd. develops proprietary drug delivery systems for local treatment of internal cavities diseases. TheraCoat technology enables control on the pharmacokinetics of off-the-shelf drugs resulting in an optimized Therapeutic Index without changing the drug molecular structure.

Serendip is a social music radio service, connecting you with great music through your music soul mates. Serendip creates a personal music channel in real-time based on music shared by the DJs you follow on social networks.

Yotpo is a plug and play social reviews solution for e-commerce websites. Yotpo is focused on providing the best social review experience for every website in the world. With Yotpo shoppers can read and write social reviews, get automatic reminders to write reviews and even have an automatic review loyalty program. Yotpo also includes powerful reports and analytics giving online merchants actionable insight to improve merchandising strategy.

IDC Elevator is a mentorship-driven accelerator program investing in early phase Israeli start-ups. Selected entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to leverage relationships with a wide network of experts, helping them quickly scale their business and create relationships with angel investors and top VC firms.

SpeakingPal develops a unique mobile learning system that brings speech recognition capabilities to the mobile phone, creating a new learning experience. The teaching content contains a range of dialogs, interactive exercises, role playing and language activities.

Webydo is a professional web suite that enables graphic designers to create and manage exceptional HTML websites, without writing code. With this sophisticated online software, designers can bring any design to life and with a click of a button, publish an advanced HTML website with a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner.

Zula is a mobile solution for team communication -- moving from fragmented threads to a seamless stream of focused conversation. Zula offers all the tools a team needs for ongoing interaction: instantly joining a conversation, discussing ideas, sharing content, taking a poll, and connecting over a conference call.

Ringya Ltd. creates innovative technology that makes lives easier for smartphone owners by effortlessly transforming contact lists into smart, organized mobile ???Rings??? so users can reach whomever they need, when they need them most. The company has developed unique technology, which provides group collaboration, contextual contact management and advanced data capture capabilities.
The company develops unique social games that are based on real life experiences. Not only do players enjoy the fun and excitement of action packed challenges and connecting with millions of users, they also get to learn new skills that will come in handy in the real world.